West Coast Vale Twin View

  • Property Type: CONDO
  • Designer: Liz Ng
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  • DESIGNER: Liz Ng
  • ADDRESS: West Coast Vale Twin View
Actual Project in CONTEMPORARY style at West Coast Vale Twin View, Singapore | Work Scope: False Ceiling, Painting, Carpentry and Mirror Works | Suppliers: Admira: Wyoming Dark (QMK 3219W)

"This project emphasises the monochromatic palette with the intention of providing a timeless backdrop for the home owner's collectibles and bicycles.

With the integration of similar design language for the Foyer and Living Rooms, the typical tighter entrance can be visually viewed as one with the rest of the common areas, creating a sense of a larger space. By incorporating a darker theme for the bedrooms, the stark transition (from White to Black) helps distinctly set the mood between the Common and Private areas."

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